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    TV Backlights – LED & Home Theater Lights

    A quality look and solution for your TV / Home Theater lighting, or if you are just wondering – where do I put the light or lamp when I’m watching TV?

     TV Backlights – Backlighting your LCD, DLP, or Plasma HDTV with LED lights or, the correct compact fluorescent (CCFL) bulbs, will provide a much healthier and better suited solution for TV lights or lamps.  

    Get the new and informational Guide now available with step by step instructions, pictures and helpful links to make your own TV Backlight.

    Ever wonder why all of the newer top of the line Big Screen LCD & Plasma TVs have a light built into the back of them? It’s called a TV Backlight and it is there for a reason.

    Top ‘name brand’ TV manufacturers know that the right light behind and around your TV, can improve and lengthen your viewing experience, avoiding tiring eye strain. They will also conveniently charge you quite a lot for this professional looking feature in your new TV unit.

    A TV Backlight = More vivid colors and less eye strain or fatigue, for a more pleasurable TV viewing experience.

    Samsung HDTV Backlight LED, LCD

    No matter if you have an HDTV, Plasma TV, LCD, DLP, or regular TV, you can benefit from the eye fatigue reducing qualities of a TV Backlight. Plus the professional look that a Home Theater system deserves.

    You may think that you can just put a lamp behind the TV but it is not that simple. There are some important factors to consider, including the type of fixture or lamp, the bulb, recommended color or brightness, options for TV types, and of course the costs.

    Many will try to show you a brief ‘general description’ that leaves you guessing, old outdated videos, or a bulky, long and expensive fluorescent tube; Forget all that!
    Real people want actual info on readily available items that they can order easily, and put together fast – for next to nothing – right?

    So, how do you get the correct light and professional look, plus all the eye strain relieving benefits, for your TV at a price you can actually afford?


    All the research, testing, price checking, and developing the best possible solutions, options and results, for the lowest possible cost, has been done for you.

    This TV Backlight Guide will show you important details to do it yourself with step by step illustrated instructions. Actual steps to making a TV Backlight with professional looking results, which is INEXPENSIVE, SMALLER and DIMMABLE, for a great custom result for your TV or home theater. Options included for LCD, DLP and Plasma HDTV’s, or regular TV’s. This is a fantastic option for watching satellite TV through as many of the sports channels will look much sharper.

    Note: If you’re interested in upgrading your old television, check out the new Dell TV deals page for some great offerings.

    This is an easy to follow Do It Yourself Guide for ten bucks showing how to make an LED TV Backlight, or energy saving CCFL bulb TV Backlighting solution, to avoid tired eyes and symptoms of eye strain – in 3 easy steps for around $39 of items!

    Low wattage Energy Saving CCFL bulb or a new LED Backlight Upgrade Option. A professional and healthy touch to your Home Theater equipment, or simply as a TV lamp / lights.

    No Tools Required – 10 Minutes to Custom Lighting Control. Cool Energy Saving Bulbs or LED’s used. Links to products, pictures, and full instructions with pictures included.


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    “I am quite amazed at the difference in the viewing experience after adding this simple TV Backlight lamp. I believe I am seeing more detail in my 1080p picture, without my eyes straining to keep up! It is a most pleasurable, visual, phenomenon. Much thanks.”
    F.C. Feb,2013

    “I spent some quality time viewing last night – Wow! What a difference. You can feel the difference in eye fatigue, there just isn’t any. I have always been very sensitive to TV viewing in low light, this was an entirely different and much more enjoyable experience. Many Thanks!”
    J.E. Dec,2011

    “Before using it, I was watching movies using a dimmed lamp off to the side of the viewing area. While I had read many people raving about the use of these TV backlights and since Im not a major videophile, I was uncertain whether I would notice much of a difference.
    I followed the guide without a problem and my new TV Backlight is now behind my TV.
    Anyway – the difference is SIGNIFICANT. Watching DVDs with this backlight is a much better, more theater-like experience. I was pretty surprised at how much of a difference it made and I would strongly recommend this small investment as a MAJOR enhancement to the quality of your home theater experience. It’s a small investment for a major payoff!”
    L.B. Jan,2010


    TVbacklightguide - actual photos

    Actual Photos! On the LEFT – Standard incandescent room light.
    TV Brightness appears high, you can actually see the blue-ish hue emitted. Picture’s contrast and detail suffers. Eyes will strain and tire easily.

    On the RIGHT – TV Backlight On (CFL 23W).
    Correct lighting for lower TV Brightness giving the picture more contrast and detail. Eyes can easily determine the image and background = less stress, plus longer viewing pleasure.

    Get the right lighting for your TV room or Home Theater system!

    Options to customize your new TV Backlight are included, along with tips and helpful related links.

    Fully illustrated with quality color images, examples, product pictures and information.

    Go to the Order Page to Buy Now! This Month’s Special – HALF PRICE!

    Great resources for a DIY LED TV Backlight, including information on an HID Xenon Kit Supplier and all types of Movie Theater Equipment.

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